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Wednesday, 30 October 2019


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BoJo has recently described himself as "A Brexity Hezza" ...

So here we are, steaming into the middle of the 21st century, and all that's on offer on the political front is "Brexity Hezza" and "Jezza". I vomit in my mouth a little.

Dya know what the problem is? The market, globalisation, the 90's and 00's, EU, single market and four freedoms, et al, all the things you hate, were just too damned good. Global Libertarianism, neo-Liberalism, so wiped the floor on all measures of prosperity and freedom that these moronic authoritarisn indulgences, Brexity Hezza and Jezza, are made possible and only a few thousand people die or are abused and ruined for life - 10,000 a year on the NHS starved and dehydrated to death, 1300 white girls handed over to Muslim rape gangs, etc. These can all be swept under the carpet, unlike the 100's of millions massacred last century by Brexity Hezza and Jezza's antecedents when the market was a spotty underdeveloped youf and twinkle in the eye of Hayek, Friedman, and Thatcher.

I suppose there is some comfort in that. We throw the pol-gened psychopaths a token bone to chew on and distract them, a few thousand lives a year eviscerated by the public sector - the embodiment of their deranged, arrogant, totally unsubstantiated and refuted by all evidence, self-belief in their operational genius, while the market ploughs on providing for all of us.

But I'll tell you this: The really big one is coming. The meat grinder to grind all meat grinders. Hint: 600,000 Africans per annum gassed to death in their homes already.

When Greta and her mates get going, with Brexity Hezza and Jezza hitching a ride for the pol-jollies, the market ain't gonna stop 'em.

Future history, a la SoD: Green oblivion, on steroids.


A casualty on the Continent count?

Gaffer, slacking again! This one from from your oracle, the Daily Mail ...

Or were you just covering up yet another stat that shows the abject failure of Blighty's state health system?

The DM certainly seem to be covering it up, they make every obtuse observation about the stats - 2008 financial crash, opioids - without observing the crashingly obvious one: England / Wales and Iceland are top of the list with the worst life expectancy improvements, and hey, guess what, they both implement state owned and operated healthcare systems! And in Iceland's case, top of the worst healthcare improvement list for males and females, there is almost NO private sector, only state health provision ...

And yet in Blighty the spending increase per capita adjusted for inflation over time shows a huge increase - scroll to the bottom of this to see the inflation adjusted table ...

United Kingdom 2000:1,568 2005:2,345 2010:3,053 2015: 4,145

You won't hear one pol from the Brexity Hezza and Jezza crews tell you the problem is not funding but rather the very state owned design of the NHS in the coming election campaigns.

Why lock yourselves in with these lying liars?


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