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Thursday, 31 October 2019


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That "deer in the headlights" look.

Game on! This is gonna be a damn close run thing! ...

Best For Britain calculated that if 30 per cent of Remain-backing voters used their vote tactically, the Conservatives would win 309 seats - 11 short of an overall majority - with Labour winning 223, the Lib Dems 34 and SNP 52.

Election. Lib-Lab pact. Referendum. Remain.


Tory-SNP alliance agree new Scottish Independence referendum.

A number 5?

According to a (totally untrustworthy) poll I just saw, about 2/3 of Brits now think the leave referendum should have never come up. No wonder y'all once ruled the world.

Yet again, Bob, your, er, logic evades me!

Bob, that means a third of the people who went to the polls are sensible. It was not a leave referendum just a referendum where most voted leave.

She has resigned from Parliament so gone she has already.

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