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Friday, 18 October 2019


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As a side note, I read a few days ago about the Parliament elections in Poland. It seems the anti EU side won nicely. The write up spent many paragraphs telling the reader just how utterly miffed Berlinbrussels was about the outcome. The intensity of their disgust matched that of the other two elite shattering events of 2016.

Actually, thinking about it, the best, er, 'deal' we ever struck with the Germans was when we made them sign their surrender on Luneburg Heath in 1945!

'Eurapparatchiks' will be pouring over the thousand and one paragraphs and sub-paragraphs such that our so-called Brexit agreement will be rendered useless.

Lawyers call it due diligence. Competent lawyering, you see, requires a document that can't be rendered useless by finding mistakes or invalid logic. A glaring mistake was Boris announcing his May redux via Twitter. The man is far too easily influenced.

Sadly I am at war myself on Saturday, somewhere on the eastern plains of Europe circa 1809 with Boney and my nutty wargames buddies.

I expect to be kept abreast of the situation via D&N please, especially when the vote comes in.

Vive l'emperor!


You did, David didn't you, click the link I'd left for your enjoyment upon your debarking upon Somerset's pier?

(The title of this post definitely not applicable hereon!)

The UK’s political crisis springs from one simple fact — the political class is refusing to do what the people instructed it to do. We have a Brexit electorate and a Remainer parliament. And when parliament defies the people, you have a democratic crisis.
Ropes and Lampposts?

Brendan O’Neill on Sky

No ropes and lampposts required Whiters. An election will do.

And remember that this so called Remainer parliament was elected by the people after the referendum. So how can the people be a Brexit electorate if they elected a Remainer parliament?

This time tomorrow we'll know if BoJo's got his deal through. The eve of battle. Sleep well.

Mind you if he does get it through then this is just the beginning of the beginning. Read the nation's doom and gloom-monger for the future history of the next stage of Brexit ...

The only way to get Brexit done is to Remain.


Oooh, here's an off-topic beaut we can all enjoy, like a little prayer before battle commences ...

I was wondering when science would trounce all the junk about plastic being forever and bad for the planet. Turns out the wind and waves break it into tiny pieces which the microbes then eat completely.

Too delicious for words!


Looks like the traitors are determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I doubt that Boris will pull it off.

From a CBS news report (and I trust there are an equal number of Brexit supporters?)

"Meanwhile on Saturday, thousands of people gathered in central London to demand a second public referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.

"I'm here because the only democratic way forward is to ask the British people in a confirmatory referendum: Is this what you really want?" 17-year-old Leo Buckley, who was taking part in the march, told CBS News.

"As a citizen of Europe and a citizen of the future, I would like to stay in the EU," he said.

A citizen of Europe? What a damnable indictment of public education.

Oh I dunno Whitewall.

Don't you remember all the many times you've seen ol' JK on this here D&N claiming; seeing as how ol' JK is obviously, A Citizen of the World he is therefore just as qualified as anybody else to be taken as seriously as that little feller sez he's 'a citizn of Europe'?

An' how even such a luminary as Bob is allus jumping in with his "Damned right!"


That microbes are eating up all those water bottles and plastic utensils is brilliant! There are also now colorful chunks of waste plastic being baked into English fruit cake in place of whatever the old colorful chunks were, and so far no one has been able to tell the difference! One question: Can you tell us what gets excreted?

Well it seems freedom and self determination can be hard to come by once given up. Now what?

Not a peep from the fat lady!

A victory to the Remainers - Olly Letwin turned your flank, ladies and gents. And if BoJo doesn't send in that extension letter to the EU by 11pm this evening then Spiderwoman and her army of legal eagles are gonna roll you up!

Have BoJo and Cummings got some secret anti-legal weapon to destroy Spiderwoman and the legal eagles and hold the line?

Or will they send the letter and retreat to the next battlefield in the campaign, that of an election, with all the loss of morale and credibility that will entail - including a Brexit Party rebellion in the ranks splitting the rightwing Brexit vote?

Few wotta scorcher!


JK, I can't imagine calling myself a 'citizen of North America' even though we have a 3 way trade arrangement with Canada and Mexico. A 'citizen of the world' is the long way of spelling "loser".

Wizard of Id cartoon:

You have to laugh.

BoJo, like a puerile teenager handing in his detention lines, has failed to sign the extension letter and only supplied a copy of it but with his own covering letter saying, "I don't agree with this, signed BoJo, aged 14".

The Euros and Spiderwoman Hale will now have to decipher whether this hormonally challenged underachiever has actually legally asked for an extension or not.

Is Brexit the gift that keeps on giving or what? With each farcical petulance more and more of the Brit peeps will see just how foolhardy it is to give these psychotic dullards the full controls of the train set.


Loz, you must qualify as a fascist as you do not accept the referendum result. The people must seem very stupid in your view for having the audasity to vote. Stupid people should be banned from voting. Perhaps you could arrange this.

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