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Wednesday, 02 October 2019


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It will at some point be necessary to knock off the present Iranian regime. But whilst Iran is getting weaker and the US is getting stronger it is best to wait, so as to strike with greater advantage, and make things less costly for everyone.
And by Iran getting weaker I do not merely mean the country having less power, but also the regime having less power within it.

Oil Islam and Communism are roiling the world. More recently, populists have roiled the global ruling class by upsetting them with the Brexit Referendum and Trump's election. Islam Communism and Globalism. What a devil's mix.

Whatever Trump's other failings, in his nationalistic scheme of things regime change wars are a bad deal, at least for now.

Agree with you this one Gaffer, for once!

A second Syria-grade Shia-Sunni ding-dong in the ME with the rest of us cheering from the sidelines would be good. Thin them out a bit, 30 Years War style. But the camel boys aren't up for it yet. The Mad Mullahs would have to nearly bleed to death before they lift a finger.

A latter day Lawrence of Arabia is what's needed to stir them up a bit: "No prisoners, noooooooooo prisoners!"


In other news, Hillary's Yoga emails have just been released!

JK, that was mean. I looked!!

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