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Tuesday, 29 October 2019


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Kardashian is not black, "mother is of Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry,[16] while their father was a third-generation Armenian-American"
Although she and her sisters tend to be drawn towards black partners.

I’m afraid you mis-spelt. The kind of “music” this man “performs” is spelt with a silent c.

Dear Miss Red, thank you for the correction which shows up the obvious, ie, I know even less about, er, popular 'culture' than I do about politics! Why is nobody surprised?

Wiggers, I take it you're not a fan!

As I understand it, West became a Trump supporter almost immediately! The youngsters at the gym tell me that West is pretty much "the Culture" in certain quarters of trendy American 'cool people'. His curvy wife, Kim Kartrashian, is often seen in a bikini whose ability to stretch is an ode to the tensile strength of modern textiles.

More seriously, the recent conversion to Trump from pagan Obama Democrat is largely due to many conversations with the very well and properly educated retired professor, Thomas Sowell and to a lesser degree Prof. Walter Williams. Both profs are black intellects.

Interesting people these Kardashians. They know how to make money, which is "a good thing".
Am I right in thinking their father is now their "other mother" or is that somebody else?

You are correct about the other mother. Bruce, now Caitlin, Jenner married the mother of the Kardashians. She was previously married to OJ Simpson's attorney. The two of them then produced a couple more kids.
Damn I know way too much about this clan!

The Pagan and the Don, contrasting styles ...


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