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Wednesday, 23 October 2019


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I seem to remember reading that the final approach to the dams was even more hazardous because of the specially rigged bomb-aiming equipment: a pair of bright searchlights slung under each plane.

On the awkward issue of dog names and community relations, we have done our bit by naming our black cockapoo "Black and minority ethnic". It's a bit of a mouthful to call her in the park, but it saves another kind of trouble.

I was once on a Vulcan squadron that shared a hangar with 617 Sqn - the Bumdusters. They had a nice little rose garden in front of their offices. We used to engage in drunken gardening and dig the lot up looking for N*****s skeleton.

Yes, 'W', each plane had two spotlights set at an angle which, as the plane flew lower, would merge at exactly 60' above the water to tell the bomb aimer they were at the optimum height to release the 'bouncing bomb'. Bloody simple, bloody clever!

BOE, what were you going to do with the skeleton - paint it black!

A bit like SoD we had lots of plans. But we never found it..........

Isn't there a remake of the film with Gibson's dog called "A canine of colour" so as not to offend anyone?

The remake is a bit of a surprise! It seems the raid was carried out by the USAAF flying B17s.

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