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Tuesday, 01 October 2019


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At this point it's possible, but not probable, Trump won't be the Republican candidate. But let's set that aside. The only Democrat who likely won't be their candidate is Joe Biden. We've already got a senile old white man who isn't above nepotism. Why would we want another? No front runner will emerge until at least after the first three primary states vote.

Trump, warts and all, will be the R nominee. Neither the Marxist dolt Warren nor the Marxist dolt Sanders will be the D nominee. I have doubts about 'Forrest Gump' Biden being the nominee either. The Red Queen has been making the tv rounds lately like she is remotely respectable. Watch out.

As far as a debate speaker, Warren would be better. As far as a pro America American, Trump owns that ground.

Bob, you might want to check out what emotional support animals for when the 2020 election results are announced.

Timbo, I'll keep that in mind, but drinking more is effective too, and I already have a tarantula.

Drinking more -with a tarantula....that's pretty good!

I've just seen where Bernie Sanders has put his quest on hold for an artery blockage procedure. I wonder if he went to Cuba for their 'world class socialized medicine'?

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