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Saturday, 05 October 2019


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Any chance there might be video of this dashing round?

Don't ask me, Whiters, next to 3 x dimensional chess, I think it's the most boring game in the world. On second thoughts, there's always American football which seems to have more stops than starts!

If yer comin', please warn me!

You must slow down. All this rushing around can't be good for the old body.

No Whitewall and Hell No I won't be coming (well, maybe for shortish visits).

Why just this past week afore Malcolm left out he and I exchanged a flurry of emails which, in large part, had to do with guns and just the general shooting of guns. His describing "the ordeal" he had to undertake in all, each and every thing to do with guns made me realize (and remember to appreciate:

I already live in Paradise! Just a single tidbit from a reply I sent him; "Gun range? A 45 minute (each way) drive just to get somewhere where it's acceptable to fire 'em? Well ol' Friend, we don't have ... well I almost forgot there is the one gun range our cop-shop keeps up but, for most of us we don't mess around with gun ranges. If I take a hankering, I can just step out my back door and volley off a load of .22LRs (rifles only, it's a accuracy thing where the town council is concerned, I do afterall live in the city limits)."

"And when I gets to hankering for something a little louder I got this one pal eight miles away who owns 1200 acres of undeveloped land upon which I, whilst the girlfriend partakes in skeet with her ladypals, I can switch to my heart's content anything from a .223 to a .50."

So no Whitewall my Friend, whilst I have enjoyed visiting North Carolina, somehow I doubt the sort of "physical activity" my doctors are continually on my ass to keep at would endear me to very many of your city councils.

But I'll admit to, having heard tell of some of your "fishing tales" wouldn't mind going out on the water with such as yourself. I do (kinda) miss getting out of sight of land.

Nothing says 'freedom' like a man stepping out on his back porch and taking a pee or squeezing off a few rounds! In that order...

Where we have just moved to, there are woods and pastures, stocked with cows standing around 'uncooked'.

Just a little word of caution as concerns the "uncooked beeves" Whitewall.

Back in the 70s an acquaintance of mine standing around amongst a crowd anticipating "a less than well-thought-out-plan" to do a hog roast got it in his head that since, obviously, it turned out nobody had visited the locker-plant to get the meat for the spit he'd simply, innovate.

Turned out the old-timey statutes for 'cattle rustling' had been left in their antiquated state for the most part resulting in something resembling what I took to understand probably happened back when Judge Parker sat the bench in Old West Fort Smith.

The reports were garbled by the time they got to me as I was shade gray and underway as events unfolded half the world away back in Arkansas but as I understand what happened it was, basically, "a real mess" legal consequences-wise.

So should I visit I think we ought adopt a firm policy of leaving uncooked cows' unmolested - unless got an paid for at a locker-plant.

10-4 on the unmolested. I have noticed the rancher back here has different types of cows, even Texas Longhorns! He also has a nice level grass air strip from which he flies a sputtering single wing plane all over around here at very low altitude. I guess he is too lazy to saddle a horse or pickup to go looking for strays.

Long enough to land a Cessna 182 Skylane on?

Do have a STOL kit installed and grass strips are far more frequent than paved. Does he keep the livestock off the strip or must they be shooed off?

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