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Wednesday, 30 October 2019


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Good Matt cartoon today. With a December election we can scrub round all this season of goodwill nonsense!

David dear fellow, I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed if you believe “Never no more will I have to put up with seeing her scowling face on my TV and her hectoring, bossy voice scratching at my ear drums!”. I agree that the woman is insufferable; however, she is a favourite of the dread Beeb and will inevitably turn up as a pundit whenever that ghastly institution requires someone to denigrate Brexit or the Conservatives.

Amber "Name and shame my Fluffbun" Rudd out on her flip-flop ear too.



Soubry's Parliamentary meltdown yesterday was a joy.

Wiggers, happily I never watch the BBC so I will remain impervious!

One person who isn't out on her ear ...

72 dead and nobody in jail, nobody sacked, nobody resigned. Situation normal for the British state and public sector "servants".

Not a single firefighter died, Rather they were busy having breakfast while the building burned. Compare that to the 911 firefighters who went up the stairs to certain death or remained until the buildings came down on top of them.

No intelligence applied to risk assessment and planning beforehand, no common sense applied on the night.

Until Blighty accepts and embraces international comparisons, standards, and oversight, these home grown tragedies will continue to ingest the NHS, state schools, social services, the fire service and all other state organs.

And anyone who wants to "Take back control" and hand it exlusively to these cowardly amateurs who wouldn't get a job as so much as an office cleaner in the private sector reveals, yet again, their delusional psychopathy.


Glad none of the firemen died. Dead heroes are of no use. The cladding was useless and the reason for the fire spreading. I recall a house in Glasgow which was made of steel went up in flames and the whole family wiped out. The Fire Brigade could not get near to do anything. This family were originally in the slum tenements and this house was their dream. The designers made the new house because it was cheap to do so. The new housing scheme was called Greenfield. All the new houses were demolished.

You're right Glezza, we didn't need heroes, we just needed professionals.

We got neither ...

Nazanin Aghlani hadn’t wanted a superhero to save her mother. A professional firefighter just doing their job should have been enough.


Loz, we have the Diana effect nowadays where everyone wants to get on the Roger Melly and have their moment with the microphone. I watched the tower burn live on the telly and would have never gone near it. The building trade will probably walk away untouched from this incident whilst the blame is shifted to the fire services.

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