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Sunday, 13 October 2019


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Whaddaya mean the Euros don't want a deal?!

They've already signed one with Teflon Theresa, you plonker!

And if Varadkar is happy with this one they'll sign this one too.

The only thing stopping a deal is the UK parliament.

C'mon, some semblance of non-propagandist bilge and a bit of truth and reality, please!


I find it incredible that an Islamist state that transmitted IS joiners into the IS caliphate, bought the caliphate's oil, bought the latest Rooskie kit instead of the West's, threatened the West with a 3.6M refugee bomb, and who is despised by all the US's allies in the ME, just rolled over the US in Rojava.

US diplomacy has just hit its ultimate post-WWII low. A total inability to grasp consensus through alliance. A total inability to reject an enemy infiltrated within.

The US military has just hit its ultimate post-WWII low. It was operating a fragile but working frozen war, if not peace, between the warring players in Eastern Syria. Then Dirty Erdy said "We're not doing that anymore, we're going in - whether or not you stay put and try to stop us or not", and the US broke and ran!

The reverberations of this will rumble on beyond our lifetimes. What the US doesn't fight for now it will fight for ten times over down the line. A fresh 911 from one or other of the abandoned erstwhile friends turned enemies, like the original Afghan cause of 911, or simply from an emboldened enemy, is inevitable.

You didn't want war abroad, Uncle Sam, so you'll get it at home instead. More off-duty policeman in NI were murdered in their living rooms than doing their duty.

Those Yanks who recommend an isolationist policy must tell the truth to the people that it means death in the US homeland. And also justify why 3.2% of GDP is being spent for the military to loll about in Arlington.


My own opinion is that whatever deal Boris cooks up with the EU, the House of Commons will vote it. They will do this because they don't like Boris!

vote it down!

Vote for a socialist and we will get socialism, and her cookbook.

The Moggman is begging you to trust BoJo ...

... while "eating his own words" and signing up to BoJo's deal which is near identical to Theresa May's ...


Extension. Election. Referendum. Remain.


Boris needs to be seen with clean hands 're any extension, else he'll lose support to TBP.
He also needs to be seen with clean hands in the event of no-deal, or he'll lose Tory waverers.
So far so good in both- but we're not there yet.

David, I see a nice photo of Max on their web site. Maybe I need to visit Spec Savers as I'm struggling to see your photo as well?

The US military has just hit its ultimate post-WWII low.

Unfortunately, the low has continued since the end of WWII in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now Turkey. The huge war machine built to pull your chestnuts out of the fire never went away and has been playing havoc ever since. Things only look worse now because we've gone full circle and actually elected our own King George III.

Brits shouldn't be smug about it. You're about to become the odd man out, or Billy no mates as you say, no matter which way Brexit goes.

Ho yuss? And wot about the Monday Funnies then? Wot are we supposed to do? Amuse ourselves?

"Those Yanks who recommend an isolationist policy must tell the truth to the people that it means death in the US homeland."

The whole truth SoD and nothing but the truth?

Well for starters Erdogan's been insisting for nigh on a year his forces would definitely, whether US forces were there or not, be establishing a "security zone" between Akcakale Turkey and Idlib in Syria.

Lots of excellent maps (and info) to be found here:

(There's a goodly bit of information to be had - and it ought be thoroughly studied - concerning The Idlib Pocket (as I've put it on here severally) down on the lower two thirds of page #27. Too, Assad forces with Russian air support commenced an assault on that very same area just over six months ago with things (totally unmentioned in our media) that things no matter our presence or not being bound to get spicy! Glossed over in our media "the truth being" any US Forces in that general proximity betwixt Idlib and say Manbij were certain to take heavy casualties, whether purposely targeted or incidentally. But uninformed as we, the US public mostly are, try seeing it as 'polls-conscious-Trump' almost certainly was seeing and only then judge whether exiting or remaining was the wiser.)

The US public, almost totally blissfully unaware given all we hear is stuff like Constitutional Crisis! Impeach! Hunter Biden! Ukraine! Russia Russia Russia! ... Anyway try to imagine the shock to the American psyche had "we" been trapped between the hammer coming up from the south and the Turkish anvil at the north.

It would have been, truthfully, quite a shock to the greater majority of Americans acclimated to the version of "that nice Mister Erdogan warned us about what The Religion of Peaceniks were capable of - Why didn't he advise us those barbarians would stoop to disassemble a Washington Post reporter without a qualm?"

The truth is the Turks were heading south in a big way no matter.

Better we consolidate at Deir ez Zor. In truth.

Er, Bob, actually if memory serves, we did not have any chestnuts in any 'fires' in "Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now Turkey". What the hell we were doing there 'passeth all understanding'!

'Capt. Fatty', relax, you'll have a heart attack! I will make sure I leave my usual fine selection of 'funnies' before I leave!

A good short piece on Turkey/NATO:

You miss the point, David. The military-industrial complex built to fight WWII, and defend your chestnuts, took on a life of its own after the war. Since then it's taken us into Quixotic battles against poorly understood adversaries for vaguely defined reasons. It's been costly and usually self-defeating.

By George and all the Saints, I look away for a moment and the rest of the Yanks have routed in Syria as well ...

That normally only happens To me on the wargames table.

I feel sick to the bottom of my guts, heart, soul, and mind.

You can jibber-jabber all you like JK, but in your guts, heart, soul, and mind I know you're screaming too.


We'll all likely be paying for years:

We have American forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies, and it’s a very untenable situation,” Esper said. “We want to make sure we don’t put our soldiers in a situation where they could be killed or injured.” - Esper

What the fxxk are soldiers there for then if it isn't to put themselves in harm's way?

"They were fully committed to doing this regardless of what we did,” Esper said, adding that he would not have supported sacrificing troops in a military effort to stop Turkey.

“We are not going to war, another war in the Middle East, against Turkey,” he said

My God. Just tell Esper you're gonna fight him and he runs away. You don't even have to throw a punch. And this guy is ex-airborne, wtf must the rest be like?

Take that bald eagle off the US national flag, here's your new bird.


Last post for Sunday night: -

I goddam well hope Trump has removed those nukes in joint US / Turkish control from the Incirlik base.


Don't forget your hankie with the knots in the corners and definitely don't forget your sarong. The ladies will be fainting all over the "beach".

Never mind a knotted hankie - take a raincoat and umbrella!

Loz, the USA are just redeploying their assets. The Donald is ahead of the game!

Did you see this 'meme' take off from a Hollywood movie a while back? A scene in the movie itself evidently had some guy cleaning out a congregation of white Christians during church service. The creator of this skit is a parody of that I think.

Gosh Whitewall.

Gosh and Gollee.

So the NYT in its very first seven word sentence plainly states, "depiction" and then "fake" and then only after that explains, paraphrasing, 'If the video is no longer there, after being up over a year it's because important people are upset'?

Well guess what, the vid's been taken down.


JK, maybe so. I don't remember the movie whenever it came out or heard anything about it. Must not have upset the media or whomever. It is tasteless but I watched it several times. Notice the theme music played with it and the genre it represents.

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