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Sunday, 20 October 2019


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On a number of issues, Tulsi Gabbard reminds many Democrats of what they believed in just a decade or so ago. Tulsi should watch her back though.

It would be interesting if she could be persuaded to give an unvarnished assessment of the Democrat presidential candidates. Plus Mr Trump of course. The Americans might have a decent choice in November 2020.

HRC suffered through decades of humiliation from Bubba's philandering, getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and the hatred of both the far left and far right. Though there was never much to like about her, she deserved some respect, no matter how grudging, for keeping a semblance of sanity, even if it was somewhat flawed.

However, the pointed response from Gabbard was for Hillary accusing her of being a Russian asset planning to be a third party spoiler in the service of the Trump administration. Apparently, losing the electoral college vote to one of history's most reprehensible lunkheads finally drove her aggressively bonkers.

Oooooh nooooooo! ...

Not another dump-load of bossy-boots on top of the current shit-heap, all preached and prated to by lefty academics for 3-6 years and raring to go with tax and spend and "take back control".


If college kids want to study 'politics' then job one is to study history. British history and then branch out. Honest actual history.
"In fact, in our case, a very diverse student body has meant relatively tepid interest in British politics but a high interest in politics beyond Britain as well as international relations." That "diversity" stuff is an education killer.

According to Wikipedia:

"[David] Cameron passed twelve O-Levels and then three A-levels: History of art; History, in which he was taught by Michael Kidson; and Economics with Politics. He obtained three 'A' grades and a '1' grade in the Scholarship Level exam in Economics and Politics."

So much for an education in politics. Probably better to give burnt offerings to the God of the Markets.

God of the Markets? The gods we should be worrying about right now are the ones from the Copybook Headings.

That's right Malcolm, the Gods of the Market were doing alright until you-know-who and you-know-what returned us dog to vomit, sow to mire.

Bob, if you thought Dave was bad just wait until Jeremy "Two E-grades at A level and never had a proper job in his life" Corbyn gets going.



Mankind will only find peace and prosperity when it fully realizes that politicians are sick people who serve no beneficial purpose to mankind whatsoever.

This realization has taken shape in the myriads of constructs that mankind has been obliged to devise to protect himself from their abuse and destruction ...

Separation of Powers
Freedom of speech, movement, and association
Private property
Habeas corpus
Free markets

And still it's not enough.

I look forward to the day when we all pop a pill at birth and the pol-gene is gone for good.

No doubt the Gods of the Copybook Headings would have something to say about that, but hey-ho.


I hear you and agree a good deal. Even the first two items on your list, Liberty and Democracy, rest uneasily beside each other. Historically people do find ways to contain government-politicians and politicians always find ways to contain the people. Each wants to protect itself from the other.

Corbyn would probably continue making a mess of things, but he'd have no chance at power without the supreme fkup Cameron, would he? And really fellows, Kipling? Longing for the gilded conventional wisdom of 'better' times past? Too much of that has already put you in the state you're in.

It's Liberty and our current god, Equality, that are the great eternal antagonists.

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