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Sunday, 06 October 2019


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It is a pity we can't go from Elizabeth R to William R and skip the one that talks to plants and wants to be a bicycle seat.

Please don't send Her back to us!

All the proper people have refused to accept the Referendum vote. They have resisted by any means necessary. Sounds familiar.

There is a narrative that should Boris be prevented from completing Brexit by 31 October his support will evaporate.
I don't buy it. If he is seen to be doing less than his best, yes that will lose him support, but if he is prevented by Parliament no.
Further, even if he does lose support, where will that support go? Not to the Lib-Dems, Greens or Labour. If Boris loses support it will go to Farage.

Damn the torpedoes!

David, I haven’t read Murray’s book on Derry, but I would venture to suggest that more of the blame should be borne by the dipsticks who sent the Paras in as a peacekeeping force when they are known basically for excelling at killing people and breaking things.

Timbo, that is something I have said many a time and oft'!

What Pat says.

If the Guardian describes a book as right-wing fantasy, then it probably contains a good deal of common sense.

When it comes to the world of gays, queers, fags etc etc, they can all go --------each other. I don't care.

What Timbo said.

A senior officer I served under many years ago used to address his people before anything of importance was to occur. One of his favourite offerings was "Always be nice to people but be prepared to kill them. Your primary role in life is to eliminate our country's enemies".

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