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Wednesday, 02 October 2019


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David, for "drivel", you wrote well! Sounds like you married well too! Thanks for sharing.

PS, at least you didn't go into politics!

Happy anniversary to you both. The Mrs. deserves to be beatified, or whatever equivalent could be bestowed by an agnostic - dinner at a top notch restaurant and a rose for each year, perhaps.

A very happy anniversary to you both, and here's wishing for fifty five more.

Happy Anniversary Dear Duffers and Memsahib!

David, you are entitled to write this as you have written so much and we read it. I wish you and the Mrs well. Your son is an erse sometimes! Sadly he wants our country to be run by others.

Good things can happen to nice people. As my late father said when I congratulated him on their 45th wedding anniversary, “and you only get twelve for murder”.

Congratulations Duffers and Mrs Duffers.

Well done that couple


My Best to y'all Duffs.

You too SoD.

It's a miracle! You haven't met the business end of her kitchen knife.

She is surly a lady of infinite patience and kindness.

Congratulations to you both, and may the next 55 be just a great.

congratulations on your 55 year journey.

Woof woof

Congratulations, both to you & that beacon of sense & sensibility, La Duff.

Congratulations and very best wishes. By anyone's standards that is quite an achievement.

Happy anniversary to you both.

You're a lucky man. The memsahib is much too good for you but there it is. You got her in a weak moment.
Well done to you both and all the best for the future.

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