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Tuesday, 22 October 2019


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"But, hey, that's democracy!"

I beg to differ. Were it democracy, we would be outside the EU discussing the usual stuff like NHS funding and educational standards. This is rule by constitutional lawyers and procedure-mongers.

If I was Boris, I would announce that given the present composition of the House of Commons, I cannot honour the result of the 2016 referendum. I thereofore revoke Article 50 and we will remain in the EU. We can then have a Conservative government till 2022. We can then ignore the EU and concentrate on domestic affairs. I would then order the Tory MEPs to work with the Brexit MEPs to create mayhem in the Euro parliament.

I watched a bit of footage from the streets outside Parliament of "tens of thousands"of anti Brexit demonstrators. Where were the thousands of pro Brexit demonstrators? I'm guessing that there like here, the Brexit side was at work making the 'country run'.
Diplomad has a dead on right title to his current post on the subject....

My step daughter was on that march. But, we can't discuss these things - too disruptive. Its quite interesting, half my family is in Cambridge and London, and they are all remainers. The other half of my family live in Lancashire and they are well to the right of Atilla the Hun!

Hell you say BOE.

Puts me in mind of my family reunions, on my paternal side, had they their way we'd still be English.

Or I guess, rather, Europeans as your stepchild and Loz would as likely have it.

By George and all the Saints, JK's a closet Englishman!

Election. Referendum. Remain.

And then let slip the dogs of English war in Brussels, a la BOE above. They won't know what's hit them. Resistance friends to be rescued and joined with: the Nordics, Baltics, Ost Blockers, maybe even the Club Medders.

3 1/2 years is long enough couped up on this island. Dunkirk to D-Day was about the same. All the anger, the rage, joined as one as we storm up the beaches.


There are lots of closet Englishmen over here. They're types who sometimes enjoy the trappings of monarchy, empire and (corporate) fiefdoms but more often the 1950's, when our cultures were much more interchangeable.

It's encouraging Brits have finally decided voting to end democracy isn't such a hot idea. Well done, y'all.

Do bear in mind SoD my Mum's side.

That'd be the Galloways.

Even one of them shows up for a reunion of the "K" side they're suddenly quite taken with republicanism. That'd be the K side I'm speaking about switching allegiances right smartly.

Where the Galloways are concerned even changing socks takes time a'cause the chieftains has to gather and mull. 'Cept for when there's a dancing involved being about it.

Did I just read that with Parliament's lack of action tonight and kicking it to the EU, Boris can now call for a national election? The Daily Beast has been known to confuse matters in haste.

Don't ask me, Whiters, all I can say is that "there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip"! Personally, I am desperate for an election but I will not hold my breath!

Boris can try to call an election but he needs a 2/3's majority via one route or 50% via another, neither of which he can get because he's a minority government.

As soon as the Euros announce they've agreed to extend until 31st Jan the opposition will be happy there's no chance of a No Deal and there'll be a majority for an election and it will happen.

The Euros will press the extension button before the 31st to be sure, otherwise there'll be No Deal and they don't want to take the blame for that happening.

Election. Lib-Lab Pact. Referendum. Remain.

I will be voting Lib-Dem as I did at the last election for three reasons: they're for Remain, it's about time a left of centre party took over from Labour and relegated them to the Bolshevik extremist party they are, and in the final analysis the award should always go to the girl with the biggest tits ...


It's like Parliament said to the voters, okay okay...we were just kidding about that Referendum stuff. Who knew the simple minded voters would actually cross the Deep State? Take a good long look Britain at who and whom really rule. Hold a healthy grudge.

Mind you, another option is looming out of the gloom.

Labour, Lib-Dems, DUP et al are realising they can BRINO the hell out of BoJo's deal by adding amendments to all of its constituent parts. However, although each of them might get their own part amended, when the final sign-off of the whole thing comes they'll all vote it down because each party won't like the amendments made by all the other parties.

So it might take a while with yet more requests for extensions to the EU. For all their bluster so long as Blighty keeps paying they'll extend. The Jerries have just gone into formal recession, so they're not gonna press the No Deal button and risk No Deal chaos and uncertainty driving the recession deeper.

Could Blighty go all the way on "flextensions" to the 5 year time out when the next election has to happen?! So that's early 2022.


Oooh, it's getting hot under the collar! ...

Are we really very far from civil war?


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