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Tuesday, 08 October 2019


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MA...Massachusetts. Once the origin of American revolution and independence. Now a days utterly lost in every way from its patriotic origins. A Democrat stronghold as one might expect.

All politicians lie since lying is in politicians' job description. And compared to the constant and consequential lying of another famous American politician of the moment, complaining about any others just seems like self-parody. So, once again, I'll have to give you points for having the courage to be ridiculous. Good show.

Funny! Schoolmarm.

I'm a virgin, too.


This has been suggested as a campaign theme song for Ms. Warren.

Cher has always been tasteless, but I had forgotten how much.

By George and all the Saints!

If deepfake video was ever to have its moment it would be to get Fauxcahontas's fizzog onto that video!

In fact, this is now to become a deeply solemn moment on D&N. All kneel ...

I, Son of Duff, descendant of Ap-Lake, Knight of the Round Table (and that isn't fake, btw, I've got the ancestry chart to prove it), do hearby pronounce that I, Son of Duff, etc., shall pay the sum of 100 green queens to the first deepfake video that superimposes the face of Elizabeth Warren, also known as Fauxcahontas, with lipsinking, onto the video posted by one Hank, commentator of D&N.

Spread the word across the lands of our ancestors.


And the lyrics ...

It's a bull's eye on every front.


Hank, you are hereby awarded the D&N Order of 1st Class Witty Bitchiness!

Perhaps you could send it to the GOP electoral team if 'Fauxcahontas' actually wins the Dem nomination.

Since it was Cher singing the song, nobody cared much about the lyrics. Today, the song would trigger snowflakes into mass DTs.

Good find Hank!

And while we're at it:

The Warren native thing is more common over here than you might imagine. Until 2 years ago I thought I was 1/8 native, but my sister put some time and money into researching our native ancestor only to find she was only 1/2 native, making us 1/16th.

The teaching thing is meant to make her more sympathetic to American women, most of whom have had some experience with unfair treatment. Playing to the masses is common. Reagan liked jelly beans and Bush senior liked pork rinds and made sure everyone knew they eat things besides caviar. If you want a good reason to make fun of Warren there's this:

Ya see, she's just a common gal.

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