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Friday, 25 October 2019


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You are looking in the wrong place for "American Civil War". The current side show is theater hide and seek conducted as "impeachment inquiry". This is the ball game. It broke last night:

Ad to it the looming DOJ inspector general report about the on goings at DOJ over the 'Russia" stuff.

Sorry, Whiters, I should have written "GOP civil war".

I will hand in my 100 lines later!

David, I shall count all 100! Most of the GOP couldn't whack up enough 'what's it' to hold one. That's their problem. A shortage of balls and spine.

No lines necessary, David. "American Civil War" seems about right.

As the historian Michael Vlahos has been explaining to John Batchelor these past months: you don’t know, except in hindsight, when civil wars have begun. (It strikes me as being much the same as falling into a black hole: once you’ve passed the event horizon, all possible pathways lead through the singularity — even though, to the person falling in, there’s nothing noticeable about the event horizon itself.)

To put that another way: looking at the current chasm in American politics, the fundamentally incompatible visions of America the two sides hold, the degree of dehumanizing hatred they show for each other, the bloody damage already done, and the implacable fury with which they grapple for every atom of power, can any of you imagine some way forward in which the Right and Left just "bury the hatchet" and "hug it out"?

Of course not. This fight continues, and intensifies, until either one side is destroyed, or we work out some kind of divorce.

To ad to Malcolm's comments, it is both sides of the Atlantic:

From the article:
"Rather than being the creation of a fanatical Eurosceptic minority, Tory populism is a sign that the Conservative Party is reinventing itself again just as Britain becomes ungovernable."

"The Senate may be the worst jury in world. As someone who has tried a case before that body, I would move to strike half of them for cause in a real courtroom. In that impeachment trial of a judge, I had jury figures like Republican Senator David Vitter, who had escaped criminal charges over his admitted use of prostitutes in Washington. Indeed, he sat there in judgment of a judge accused of improper conduct involving gambling and other acts, such as the payment of a stripper by a lawyer."

"Trump would be judged on self-dealing by a jury that would include Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, charged with corruption for exchanging official acts for gifts from a wealthy doctor. All politicians are self-dealers who use their offices to advance their ambitions. It is in their blood. The fact is that “public service” often means “self-service” to those in political power. Watching a trial on self-dealing with this jury is like having Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman sit on a college admissions board. They certainly have experience, just not the right kind."

Very interesting and well-written Newstatesman article, Whiters.

Sadly it seems a second wave of Tory-Remainers is about to sink our apparent saviour BoJo's boat, sailing anchorless on a shoreless ocean as we are told the best pols are wont to do as they outmanoeuvre Liberal-legalism, globalisation, and Libertarianism ...

Remain-backing Tory MPs have warned the Chief Whip that the government’s Brexit plans will lead to “terrorist activity” on the streets of the UK.

“At least 20” Tory MPs led by former deputy prime ministers David Lidington and Damian Green have also threatened to vote against Boris Johnson’s push for a December 12 general election.

On Thursday a group of 41 “One Nation” Tory MPs met the deputy Chief Whip, Amanda Milling, to say they did not want an early election.

Ah well, as one old Conservative said, "This sucker could go down". And a long way down in an anchor redundant making bottomless ocean. Because for every Brexiteer flag-waving country-bumpkin and rust-belt trailer-trash MAGA cap-wearing Trumpeteer that a vermin pol can populize into action, there's an army of rules-based middle class metros to square up to - and We don't need no stinkin' badges.

Let slip.


Sod, being a Labour Party member I can confirm that our English MPs are shittin their pants because they know they face potential wipe out. The stupid Labour leave voters have an eye on them now and they know it.

... rust-belt trailer-trash MAGA cap-wearing Trumpeteer ...

Often true, but not always. The American far right ranges across the social spectrum. It wants a return to the 1950's, via a strongman if need be, when we were victorious in war and could have definitely not-socialist programs like the GI Bill, continuing subsidies for military suppliers and farmers, government-sponsored mortgage loans and home tax deductions, and the national highway system, among many other things, to goose the economy at a rate unprecedented in history.

Even better, thanks to everybody else being busy recovering from war, the US controlled a world market with no real competitors. Our industries could afford 'zillions' of do-nothing middle managers with elite pretenses spouting contempt for the working poor and any social programs that might help them.

The spoiled right wants to believe it could all come back if only our politicians weren't so stupid and 'liberal'. But, you know, tempus fugit guys.

Well Bob ...


Replacing stupid politicians with mad politicians probably isn't the answer either.


Well you did use the Latin.

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