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Thursday, 24 October 2019


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The Framers of our Constitution feared exactly what is happening since Trump was elected. The losing side refuses to accept the verdict. Trying to undo the Electoral College after the nation voted, the losing candidate concedes with an * afterwards. Then she announces she will join the Resistance. If newly elected Presidents have to face violent demonstrations and resistance movements in the future, well, that is why our population is armed. When the losing party's sitting President secretly unleashes the Deep State, meaning the FBI and Intelligence assets to unseat the newly elected President even before he is inaugurated and then afterwards with made up conspiracies even to the point of using foreign governments...

Now we see the Dem party try and try to undermine this President with anything they can even after their "sure thing" Russia collusion hoax goes bust. Ukraine is just next up and after that it will be something else. These Dems have had their "verdict" in hand from the start. They now need enough massaged 'evidence' and selective leaks to a collaborating media to sway the public.

The purpose is Trump impeached even if it takes three years and eleven months and twenty nine days. Their ultimate goal is to put down the voter's rebellion of 2016 with a warning to never do it again because this is what DC does. Whether it be a surprise election outcome or a surprise Referendum outcome, 'Deep States' will fight the enemy within with all they have.

In the ongoing American case, we are witnessing Sedition. Openly and proudly. If these 'Democrats' won't respect ballots, they may come to fear bullets.


Secret, or "closed door" hearings are routine. They're conducted so that witnesses and potential witnesses can't get a false story straight. Most of the Benghazi hearings chaired by Republican Trey Gowdy were "secret", but for some reason they were just fine around here.

Have you gotten an implant to beam RNC transmissions directly into your brain, David? Get a grip.

Well. . .

IF Mr. Trump is impeached, tried and convicted; the Vice President, Mike Pence, becomes President.

hE Is a social and fiscal concretive from conviction much more so than Mr. Trump. More disciplined than Trump (well that is easy, he is disciplined on any standard.) The Democrats should be carful what they wish for, they might want to undo the impeachment & conviction in short order.

Bob, as you well know, this is a naked attempt to reverse the result of the last election and the will of the people per the rules which have worked reasonably well to date.
It sounds from your comment that you are ok with the Dimms doing the dirty deed in the shadows. Perhaps it is you who should get a grip.


Look at what Trump has managed to do despite the powerful body of the Dims fighting everything he says or does. Think how much better the US would be now if they had actually helped and supported him over the last three years. Traitors the lot of them.

The UK is no different.

My grip is not at issue. The facts are as I stated. Furthermore, the current rules for closed door hearings were finalized by Republicans in 2015:

If you don't believe the Washington Examiner or Fox News, what sources do you believe?

None of them!

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