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Tuesday, 08 October 2019


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Well, I now know what Althusserian is. I shall go downstairs and make a couple of G&Ts to celebrate.

'She' will be feted among university elites as a deep thinker.

About those Gurkhas...I would not want to call one of them "thick" unless it was from a very safe distance. And a high wall.

I used to live in Blandford Forum, where there were often fights in pubs and in the street between squaddies from Blandford Camp and local farm boys. I remember going into a pub once where a spectacular brawl had kicked off; tables over, glasses flying, and the floor awash with beer and blood.

In one serene corner were two very broad and muscular Gurkhas, quietly drinking. It was as if there was an invisible force-field around them.

That kind of baroque nonsense is the mark of the true pseudo intellectual. She's probably not worried about being hot with anyone other than herself.

You've got to admit there's some terrific words in there. If only I knew what they mean. Nah, on second thought, who cares?

Translation: Capitalists good, Marxists bad.
I really have no idea either.

Whitewall, I may have said this in the past but worth repeating. My brother now deceased served in Malaya 1951-1953 and the Gurkhas trained his battalion before being being deployed in the jungle. My brother survived.

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