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Thursday, 28 November 2019


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Good to know he's ok.
Does anyone know the situation of Scott Gronmark (The Gronmark Blog).
I used to follow him daily like I do yourself.
I know he was unwell, but he hasn't posted since 2 May.
Keep up the good work Mr Duff !

Glad to hear aussie D is ok, just struggling with new technology. He's not alone.

Thank you for your post yesterday about bones - my favourite subject. Althouh it wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

Good to hear it isn't fire flood or famine! Just technology.

Alan, alas I cannot report on 'The Gronmark Blog' because I never came across it.

Jack the Dog, I will try and do better in future!

Thanks Mr Duff.
I'm surprised because you're of similar age and with similar outlook.
Stay safe Sir.

Oh good. Glad he has returned. I found a Melbourne number that looked suspicious but I got an answering machine and forgot to call later.

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