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Saturday, 16 November 2019


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Paul Krugman is paid to be available to play the part of Paul Krugman. He has awards on his shelf, diplomas and credentials draped on his walls. These things speak to him at times as he reads about himself. He even talks back to them and thanks them.

Paul Krugman established his reputation and gained his Nobel prize through great work in economics.
That was a long time ago. He's been trading on his reputation for decades now.

Dear old Paulie is a very valuable commodity. actually.

Anything he says will fail, succeeds brilliantly and anything he is certain will go gangbusters, will fail spectacularly.

Thus investing in a contrarian mode to anything he says produces positive results for us proles. He is so consistent in this that he should be declared a national treasure (just keep him away from the treasury).

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