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Wednesday, 20 November 2019


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Sounds like this Remainer is joining the "rule or ruin" mob.

This officer has delusions of adequacy...

She's not really the leader of the Lib Dems, though. Less than an absolute majority of all those entitled to vote in the Lib Dem leadership election actually chose her. And even they didn't know exactly what they were voting for. So we can't trust their votes, and can safely disregard her leadership.

Whitewall, she is one of the Scottish elite who supports the EU. She is the democratically voted in leader of the Lib Dems. Unfortunately she thinks the people were stupid to vote leave and she if elected and in power will reverse the decision to leave.

Completes the three splendiferous options on offer.

The knockers have it, the knockers have it, unlock the knockers.


Jimmy, sounds like you "common folk" really displeased her. There is a lot of that going 'round these days.

Whitewall, we really did displease those we elected who thought we were stupid for electing them. The EU vote really did displease them for our lack of conformity. Working class people have to toe the line in our Great Britain, they thought.

I too almost felt a twinge ... of a sort.

Interesting thing is the woman that's the mother of Hunter's baby is the Republican Chairperson for Independence County (where Batesville is the county seat)

So who screwed who I'm thinking - Wondering if that $83,000 per month Biden got as "salary" is gonna be up for consideration? And maybe the $Billion wot came from the Chinee?

Are you suggesting Hunter's child was 'born on the wrong side of the blanket'?


Whether a simple "wrong side of the blanket" I'd care not to venture - looks to me ol' Hunter makes alot of his stuff over-complicated.

"Busted" flush, geddit?...

Good to see the wonderfulness of unfettered peurility is still at large in the MSM, and so much wittier than my D&N grunts and clicks.

But I tell ya, when she's got the balance of power in the next parliament you'll be feeling less sorry for her. If Jezza's the main man you'll be begging for her mitigation of his authoritarian socialism, and if BoJo has a referendum forced on him you'll be hating her big style.


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