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Saturday, 23 November 2019


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Don’t go counting chickens Duffers. Apparently Momentum are targeting Boris’s constituency which has a large student population. Don’t know what would happen if Torres won and Boris lost.🤔

I thought the death-throes of the last Parliament were entertaining, roller-coaster stuff, but now I am rather bored by the electioneering. The parties are now merely competing to give away the most presents to the electorate, and trying to prove that they are the nicest towards trannies and St. Greta.

What is really entertaining is a point made by A K Haart on his blog. Everyone in the media and public life now knows that Corbyn is clinically insane, or set on destroying the economy and polity. But everyone has to keep a straight face, and pretend to take him seriously. Wonderful!

Complacency could lose it. Don't let it happen!

Hear, hear with that and comments.

It's so staid: pre-Thatcher retro-bollocks. A bidding game with other people's money.

Must every new generation never learn from the mistakes of its predecessors - and the older generations learn nothing from their own youthful mistakes?

"big, bouncy 'Head Girl'", right on Gaffer! Like the All England Summarize Proust Contest, the award should go to ...


Boris has clearly been taking advise and has made no gaffs yet. So no doubt the muckrakers will be working overtime up until the election. Nigger, Islamist post boxes and bin bags. The Scots will be looking to being called booze bags and scroungers and will be in denial. Go for it Boris.

It's all very well the Conservatives being so many 'points' in front of Labour, but what's needed is an outright majority isn't it?

As Nicola the Scot says she'd never join Labour in a coalition, she'll usually vote with him, and so will a few other motley 'independents', maybe even the LibDems, if they get any seats!

It's got to be a re-run of Margaret Thatcher's huge victory, otherwise we'll be faffing around for ages, and nothing will ever get done in parliament.

As a study in power and its full lifecycle in a person, from the gene being triggered to their inevitable downfall, Walter White of Breaking Bad is second to none, imho. Until I read this ...

The parallels between the two characters are so close as to be indistinguishable, making me wonder if Epstein was the muse of the authors. Both were teachers in their pre-pol gene activation days. Both had "product" in which they were accomplished: chemistry and crystal meth the one, and banking and underage girls the other. Both decided, or had it decided for them in the activation of their pol genes, to use power and crime to expand outside the rule of law to achieve fake success, to cheat. And this they did to the full extent of known methods and practice of the subject, leveraging the teacher's acumen for completeness and accomplishment in learning.

In the separation of powers go for all three of them: executive, legislative, and judiciary. Epstein had the security services he made himself a mutual asset of, the pols whose elections he funded, and the lawyers who pursued him, in his pocket. Like his banking fund management, he literally built a self-sustaining portfolio of assets across the three powers.

The only difference between Walter White and Jeffrey Bernstein I can see is the "I only did it for you" line, as muttered by White to justify his actions and admitted to as being a lie in the end. No such attempt by Epstein, no-one to even say it to that might have demonstrated some humanity: an attempt to hide shameful actions under a carpet lie.

In that we see Walter White not now as a dramatic exaggeration, implausible but necessarily so to point at something truer, but rather as one jigsaw piece deficient to the example from reality! The monster of reality was one step beyond Walter White.

And you lot still chase power to the left and right as still in some way hopeful of giving you something more than it takes from you.

I say it leaves me breathless and hollowed out.


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