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Thursday, 14 November 2019


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I suspect that both Boris and Nige are thinking on these lines- and want the votes for themselves. Hence the paucity of agreement.

From wipe out to extinction hopefully.

My good friend, Richard, is for some unknown reason blocked from commenting by Typepad and I have asked them to look into it. He asked me to post this comment:

"What really gets to me is how the average Momentum/Labour supporter dismisses anyone who disagrees with them on anything as a fascist. My reply, which doesn't seem to be winning many converts, is that the only historical difference between fascists and Marxists seems to be that fascists carry out mass murder based on race, whereas with Marxists, it is based on class. I win even fewer converts by pointing out that Marxism has been responsible for 100 million state sponsored murders. Fascism comes a long way short of this with around 25 million. Ghastly as it seems is the fact that both of these are ballpark figures with the odd few million lost in all the number crunching."

Somehow they think that having a single State owned and operated internet is a vote winning idea.
Having the same bunch running it and also making up the laws about operating, and having access to, it is a scheme straight out of Fat Boy Kim's playbook.
But of course we can trust OUR polticians.
Nah, don't be silly.
Every Smart device in your house will be Thought Police spy.

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