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Monday, 11 November 2019


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Somehow it just seems appropriate.

“The ferocious pro-EU rearguard action does not just represent the anger of an incumbent ruling class defending its perks. It also expresses the class anxieties of the lower echelons of th[e] supposedly elite ‘open’ classes.” AV

That what I think it is David?

And that one David's from a countryman of yours living here.

(Get yourself another bottle of Rebel Yell SoD, it'll be okay.)

This one too:

Maneuvering under way?

We were growing at 3.2% per annum and at the top of the G7 or whatever G number 3 years ago before you lot rubber-ducked it up.

What a gormless attempt at a statistical justification of Brexit - even for you, Gaffer.


Hillary was given space to sell her book on the BBC One Show last night and also given the opportunity to have a go at Trump. Today she is having a go at the Brit Gov for not publishing the Russia Gate.

Dim, dumb, lying liars or just not fooled by Russian psyops:

"Boris Johnson's Conservative party has received cash from 9 Russian donors named in a suppressed intelligence report":

Jimmy, your timbers should be shivering about now. Hillary has spoken of Her concern about Britain's future! Try to read without smirking! It's a short article.

"Let's stop fooling ourselves, the economy is in bad shape, period" ...



A little something to cheer you up.

Whitewall, her boss Obama said the UK would go to the back of the queue for a trade deal with the USA. So much for our historical alliance with our friend. I just hope Trump will deliver the goods before the Democrats get him!

Jimmy, Hillary and Obama are globalist central planners thus their negative reaction to the peasants revolt that is Brexit.

As far as Democrats go...right now they couldn't "get" their naked arses in the shower. No matter how the media muckrakers frame things, the Dems have nothing but hate and sedition going for them.

Whitewall, I am sure the Marines with the help of real Americans can handle a wee bit of sedition.

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