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Wednesday, 20 November 2019


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Unfortunately for our Marines the flag staff put by the wayside what the Aussies had impressed on them at Guadalcanal.

(Sidebar - David, do I detect "same memory different day"? I know I've linked 'The Smith' here a time or two in the past.)

Battle for Tarawa engaged in, along with allies, by the Second Marine Division, Camp LeJeune North Carolina.

JK, sometimes reading your comments is like trying to decipher The Times' crossword! What does this mean:

"(Sidebar - David, do I detect "same memory different day"? I know I've linked 'The Smith' here a time or two in the past.)"


If I remember correctly, Gen smith wanted command of the Tarawa Operation.

Given his rather volatile self-centered (even by the standard of General/Flag officers) personality, I would take his comments with a large grain of salt. A head-on battle like Tarawa would have fit his command style.

But if there was a way, Tarawa was an operation that should have been avoided.

David is this enough clue

"I have recently stumbled across the Smithsonian Channel"?

The first link I supplied was from 2007, the next 2009, then again twice in 2013, with the last one occurring in 2016.

Admitting of course just the last of 2013 linked to 'The Smith's' Channel - the earlier ones directing to Smithsonian Magazine (Online) but the last to the "stumbled upon."

I think you'll find Australians of a certain age know about Tarawa.

Andra, I think 'zillions' of people round the world know of Tarawa. I was just confessing to my own ignorance.

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