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Friday, 22 November 2019


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He sounds a lot like my younger brother.

Oh, being a Yorkshireman, can he be understood by us 'ferigners'?

Sounds like a worthy companion for CDI Gene Hunt of Life on Mars fame.

Andy Dalziel is a trans-planted Scotsman, I believe.
As for the Dalziel clan:
"The De'il and Dalziel are wi' the same letter.
The De'il's nae good, and Dalziel's nae better."
Or so a Scots friend informed me.

Hardly a role model? Rarely do I disagree with your wisdom, being a young whippersnapper just 6 weeks short of 70 it would be impertinent, but I do believe that ADL would be a far better role model than any of the 'woke' PC-obsessed SJW's put forward by our MSM.

Ted, you young whippersnappers should not speak unless spoken to, although you're dead right about our PC PCs!

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