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Tuesday, 26 November 2019


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And who is holding Poland back from the brink of dissolving the enlightenment principle of separation of powers?

The same organisation that would open up the NHS to global supply tendering and investment ...

Corbyn and BoJo hate that organisation because its trade deals would oblige the NHS to improve productivity, efficiency, and value for money by attracting global investment and suppliers to compete against in-house and domestic management and suppliers for NHS operation and supplies, thereby benefitting the Brit peeps.

The "take back control" mob can't wait to doom the Brit peeps to a future of shit over-priced public services.

It seems that organisation is the only vestige of Thatcherism left in Blighty and Europe, the only place capable of sustaining her legacy. How wise she was to throw the torch to Brussels and not the Corbyn-lite Tory party.


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