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Sunday, 10 November 2019


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I notice that some guy named Hamilton has joined the Society of Climate Change Naggers.

He "might" be coming? Sounds like SoD has a knack for high drama.

Chilly is it.
Don't mention the Global Warming / Climate Change / Chaos (many other cataclysmic nouns apply).

The commentary on the high drama at The Cenotaph this morning, actually mentioned that foreign soldiers, such as the Russians etc, weren't represented to lay a wreath.

I liked the reference to the Irish men and women though, at least the BBC recognises that at times like this, they really do have to stick to the rules, and not bombard their paying public with anti-British propaganda.

Poor Hitchens seems to have an on-going burr under his saddle about WW2 and especially Mr. Churchill. Eighty years on makes it easy to second guess leaders of the day having to make awful decisions. Winning a world war is no easy deed. No one nation wins a world war alone. There is the winning side from which every allied country can rightfully claim a win. That win made it possible today to Remember that those who sacrificed are the ones who allow us to write books of criticism about the government then and now. In English or French etc.

Whiters, yes, you're right, Hitchens is a man of strong opinions, some of which I agree with, some I do not. Churchill is an easy target because he was a truly great man with huge powers in war. Of course, the greater you are, the more mistakes you will make. I have often pointed out some of them whilst being uneasily aware that they were counter-balanced by great virtues. I have always been fascinated by the independent thinking of the 'Great British Public' who, notwithstanding his enormous achievements, booted him out in 1945!

Calizuela is now totally run by the kind of people who want to un-make America in the name of a very bad and ignorant ideology. Many larger American cities are under the boot of these people. Illinois is in nearly the same condition. The virtue of rot.

California has a long history of economic ups and downs, so nothing's changed. What's less obvious is that many people view CA as something like Sodom and Gomorrah and the USSR rolled into one, and would love to see it slide off into the sea. Having lived there I can tell you it's a misunderstanding. South of LA and north of the Bay area (San Francisco and adjoining cities) there are plenty of conservatives and right wingers. The desert communities are nearly all full of outright wingnuts.

If you really want to know something about the current situation read this:


And for SoD,

We have a candidate for president, Andrew Yang ( ). One of his major proposals is a Basic Minimum Income. It seems likely to become a reality some day. There are only two possible outcomes:

1. Once people are freed from having to work so much, there will be a surge in the arts. It would be similar to the way the dole allowed apparently every English person in the 1960's and 70's to learn to play an instrument, do a take on American R & B, and become a rock star over here.

2. No one will do anything but get into trouble. That would be the "Clockwork Orange" scenario. Everyone would be doing lots of drugs and singing and dancing as they kicked someone else into a coma and permanent disability.


What's unsustainable in California is the politics.

Decline is a choice.


We're at a point of partial agreement. California is facing the same problems caused by income and wealth disparity as the rest of the country, and it has indeed contributed to the expense of the fires. Kotkin doesn't mention that PG&E management, to boost profits and increase their own bonuses, neglected to properly maintain equipment, or that PG&E has already been successfully sued for the practice:

Instead, Joel Kotkin blames "green policies" and pointedly distracts from the effects of climate change. Australia is also facing unprecedented wildfires:

I lived in San Diego in the 1980's. Back then the natives would start complaining if the humidity got above 50%, which it seldom did. The humidity is now routinely over 60%. That's because the offshore current that's the main influence on San Diego weather has warmed.

By the way, Orange County is one of the most conservative areas in California, and probably the country. For the most part it's populated by rich people who likely own oil stocks.

"the effects of climate change"

Bob, the climate constantly changes, sometimes up and sometimes down. It always has and it always will. In the meantime we simply adapt as and where necessary!


Once a certain tipping point is reached, and no one really knows exactly what amount of warming that is, the effect runs away. Venus has an atmosphere mainly composed of Carbon Dioxide. It also acts as a greenhouse gas there. The average surface temperature is 467 °C or 872 °F. There will be no adjusting to that. But long before it becomes that hot, food will be impossible to come by and humans will die of heat stroke.

Fine, Bob, then I'll cancel my two weeks holiday on Venus! In the meantime, here on earth we'll just pootle along pausing only give the odd hysterical 'Warmer' a slap!


Whatever, dude.

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