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Sunday, 17 November 2019


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Bet they could run a marathon and finish with t-shirts, socks and undies dry as a bone after a flight like that ...


Have I mentioned that my first heavy aircraft was the Lancaster? As it was Coastal Command we spent most of our time at low level. Not as low as 60 feet of course.

Sorry, SoD, I really cannot get interested in Prince Andrew's sweaty or non-sweaty body!

BOE, what was it like to fly? For such a huge, 'bulky' aircraft it appears to have been quite responsive to delicate manoeuvres.

The sheriff had to wait for replacement dogs, I'll bet, because the smell killed the dogs he brought.

JK, how 'bout it?

Nice bit of (s)word play over at Carpenter's place, Whiters, you had the grumpy, old-timer on the hop!

David, thanks. If he hadn't banished me with his usual erudite and arrogant manner, I might have stuck around.

Backofanenvelope, some time ago, I was a guest at a function held at Folkestone Racecourse.

As usual, we all got sozzled, but the highlight of the day was all us lot of Kentish drunkards sitting in the main stand, wondering what was going to happen next.

Three drinks later, there was a rumbling sound in the distance, then a huge 'whhoooooooph', then a howl of Merlin engines, then total mayhem on the eardrums, as the famous trio of a Spitfire, a Hurricane and a Lancaster just shattered the whole area, making the biggest noise I've heard since Diane Abbott farted on the Andrew Marr show!

As they approached the main area, they were flying at ground zero, and as we were so high in the stand, we looked DOWN at these fabulous aeroplanes!

I'll never, ever forget that scene! The crowd went absolutely wild, and the cheering could have been heard as far as Calais, or maybe Bucharest!

Were you there too?

Scrobs, "making the biggest noise I've heard since Diane Abbott farted on the Andrew Marr show!"

THAT must have been one hell of a show?

I wish I had been there - no, no, not the Andrew Marr Show, I mean Folkestone racecourse!

Trump went to Louisiana to beg R's to vote and still lost. The same happened in Kentucky. His unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Hospital is more interesting. The Big Macs and KFC deep fried chicken might get him before impeachment or the 2020 election.

I wasn't a pilot, so perhaps I'm not the best person to describe the Lancaster's handling characteristics. However, I think that any description should include the word "wrestling". Slightly off topic, a local friend of mine died a couple of years ago. At his funeral, his son described how his father, aged 21, wrestled with the controls of his burning Halifax over Germany. He did this long enough for his crew to bale out, before jumping himself into 3 years captivity. When he returned in 1945 he weighed only 6 stones. He wasn't too fond of the Germans. All this at age 21!

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