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Thursday, 28 November 2019


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I couldn't imagine Corbyn in a library, as he strikes me as a bloke who has very little use for reading. And a big sinister black limo with motorbike outriders would suit McDonnell better than public transport.

Was approached by a Labour canvassers earlier today. He seemed a nice old codger, so I stopped and had a chat. After his selective comments, I asked him if he could name one country which had made it's citizens wealthier, happier, and more secure, under a socialist government. He was unable to think of one at that time, but was sure there was one. My last comment was that McDonnell wanted to bring in a Marxist leaning government, despite history showing the failures of such regimes and added that insanity has been defined as carrying out the same actions time after time and expecting different results, so would that make Corbyn and McDonnell insane? He seemed deep in thought as I walked away.
Now for the Lib Dems.

John McDonnell may be looking baggy-eyed these days, but Corbyn's left eye is pretty droopy too. He should go to bed earlier with a biscuit and nice drink of warm milk.

I really hope all complacency is dissipated y voting day.

Too much is at stake, and we need every normal voter to turn up and vote in a Boris government.

I was a bit worried to learn that there are well over three million new voters on the lists as from the GE announcement. Smelling rats as usual (Scrobs' nose begins to twitch), no doubt the good returning officers will understand that three votes under the same name just isn't British...

Just remember the Greater London Council. A moderate labour chap won the election. Within hours the hard left Ken Livingstone had deposed him. Five years later the sainted Margaret solved the problem by scrapping the GLC.

They may be walking amongst us, but if this continues ...

... they might be walking all over us.

Swinson's stunning lack of popularity is a nightmare for the Tories. Far more of the Remainer haemorrhage to her was from Labour than the Tories, and as this reverses out with her deepening failure, so it's Jezza who's benefitting.

Fraser Nelson has completely pooped his pants at the unfolding disaster ...

Did you rubber-duck Blighty on 23rd June 2016 by animating 4 million Marxist youf voters who would otherwise have been uninterested?


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