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Saturday, 30 November 2019


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Too pathetic to even comment on. Well, just a bit. Ford on day leave and a known jihadist is loose as well? The cop that shot the terrorist will probably be prosecuted.

It all kicked off at a Cambridge University conference on the rehabilitation of offenders, so there would have been an interesting mix of academics and hardened criminals on the scene. It's a pity that they didn't invite a few burly prison officers, who could have thumped him senseless as soon as he started shouting the usual religious nonsense.

I hope some of the liberal academics there are now having a re-think about their usual tactic of blaming anyone but the criminal. As most people in the real world know, it's hard to make excuses for human vermin once you've been on the receiving end.

A man can be a villain one time and a hero another. Both should be properly acknowledged. The man has a conviction and a prison sentence for his villainy. Proper acknowledgement of his heroism is due.

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