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Tuesday, 12 November 2019


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Crooked lying Hiltery, has apparently called into question the wisdom of our democratic vote to leave the EU..... ‘Democracies need to stick together.’

WTF has the EU got in common with democracy ?

Britain, Please keep her there! Really...please do.


Have you tried asking an African or Asian country? They are usually less stringent about toxic waste.

That awful woman.

Good idea.

Rhod Sharpe on Radio 5 Dull has just had his usual east coast anti-President Trump bunch on, the Boston Globe as is often the case, sometimes Huffpo, which is just as bad.

Billary was reverently mentioned as the surprise 'candidate' for Massachusetts, and stupidly, Sharpe reffered to her as 'Goldilocks'!

How bloody stupid to bring up a decent fable where right obviates wrong, and turn it into praise for an even stupider, snobbish, thick, interfering, loopy old bag such as Slickwilly's other third!

Life-hack - Listen to this New England bloke any time you want utter boredom, slow understanding of facts, and a delivery which smacks of total disinterest in anything other than leftie US politics, (because he lives there).

Presumably Hillary's broomstick is a two seater. Or does Chelsea have one of her own?

Uncle Mort,
It's likely that Chelsea would get her father, whoever he is, to buy her one.

Apparently Maggie doesn’t make it into the book because she did nothing for women’s rights.

She wants us to stay in the E.U. This is a typical example of why I want out:

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