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Thursday, 19 December 2019


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G'day Duffers. Thanks for the thoughts.

Bushfires have been part of Oz for thousands of years. The aboriginal inhabitants of the land used to deliberately set fire to the bush to ensure open habitat for their hunting.

There have been regular and disastrous fires since white settlement and worse than the current ones. The differences are that with the increase in population housing has spread into areas either in or adjacent to forests and "the authorities" have been in the control of the green loonies so hazard reduction burns of the fuel load have been banned which of course means when we do get a fire it is bigger and more uncontrollable.

That doesn't reduce the gravity of our present fires and the consequences in terms of destruction of homes and bushland. Fortunately the death toll has been lower than some of our past fires but that is of little consequence to those who are directly impacted.

Personally I would like to see the inner-city latte sipping greenies sent to see first hand what their stupid policies have inflicted on the people of the bush but reality is a foreign concept to them.

I have been up close and personal to two major fires and don't particularly want to repeat the experience.

Thanks for that, AussieD, and perhaps the severity of the current fires will kick, or perhaps burn, the arses of your governments to make some common-sense changes to development rules and regs.

Thanks David. I'm with you AussieD we should draft the greenies to fight the fires. I currently live in Tasmania but helped fight the fires in SA in 1985.

So Oz and California have the same type of greenie nit wits running land management regs?

Quite incredible, really. Listening to the torrent of distortion and outright lies from the BBC, no mention of counterproductive green blob policies, no mention of the fact that climate and weather related deaths globally are less per annum than die or are injured in the roads in Britain, no mention of the fact that insurance claims are the same value as 100 years ago adjusted for inflation and the fact that a whole lot more stuff is in harm's way.

I hope the green blob is held to account for this at some point in the future. 600,000 Africans per annum. Nuremberg style trials too good for 'em.

Stay safe OzD.


There's no doubt the fires are a terrible thing and Aussie D tells it like it is.
We've been through it before and will survive this one.

I don’t know where Aussie D, or Andra live but it’s obviously nowhere near me. We have a suitcase packed. Our neighbours have the deeds to the house and their insurance policies in their cars, ready to go. The smoke has been relentless for weeks. I’m permanently dosed up on steroid inhibitors with extra Ventolin on hand. Twice in the last week I have seen an ambulance carting off someone who can’t breathe. It’s really bad here in NSW.

My son works in the hospital here. They are overrun with patients presenting with respiratory problems. Australia is a continent and as such, not everyone is equally affected. I’m seriously considering moving because living through another fire season like this would be intolerable.

Mary, your comment above brings it home to us 'up over here', in a much more powerful and personal way than the news reports. Totally useless I know but our thoughts are with you.

Stay safe Mary.

I lost a friend to the Ash Wednesday fires in '83 who thought he was living in a safe area and it is better to get out while you can. Houses can be replaced.

Another friend, then an Officer in Victoria Police, almost got trapped in a fire zone in the same fires.

Bush fires don't discriminate they are equal opportunity killers.

In the last 24 hours two volunteer firemen in NSW lost their lives. Both young men with families.

Stay safe, Aussie D, Mary and whoever else from there, is here!

Listening to Phil Mercer (BBC's Australia Correspondent), on R5Live the other night was a frightening experience. The onsite report concerned the water cranes, and it was just terrifying to understand what was going on.
Even the presenters in the UK mentioned the fear in his delivery from a village called Argo or similar.

I just had to email as many friends as I could the next morning, and thankfully two have come back OK, but we just feel like this over here.

Mrs Scrobs and I, hope you all down there, can at least make something of a decent Christmas.

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