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Tuesday, 10 December 2019


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I was just commenting this weekend how no one has funeral services anymore - only memorials (which are just as somber). I prefer the funeral service as it has closure for me. Now there are circumstances which I do not know about, but this trend bothers me. Then, after the funeral, there should be a big party! Yes, I mean Party. I want all my mourners to drink copious amounts of champagne and tell funny stories about me.

We buried my dad in the morning, took the whole lot out for lunch, then had a memorial service for him in the afternoon.

Seemed to work well, and saved people two long journeys!

For a March day, the weather was fabulous and we all drank to his life outside in the sunshine!

I have a striking reputation as a top notch poll bearer. Even on short notice. Maybe it is because I am so stunningly handsome in a dark suit. My wife agrees and I have never had a complaint.

I'll bear you in mind, Whiters, when my number comes up!

David, not too soon I hope!

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