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Wednesday, 18 December 2019


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Don't forget the stuffing.

I just love Turkey - it's my favourite meat. Just bought a great lump of turkey breast over 4kg. Hmmmm hmmm!!

Of course, silly me, Uncle Mort!

Andra, I'll be round on Sunday for lunch!

In a former life, about a quarter of a century ago, it was my pleasure, and occasional heartbreak, to assess NATO forces for their readiness and ability. At that time, the one armed force within NATO other than the Yanks that would have tested the Brits was Turkey. The Yanks had a massive military machine but the Turks had aggression and a willingness to sacrifice in the, as they saw it, greater good. Be careful what you wish for.

'Wiggers', yes, you are entirely right and I still remember that the Turkish contingent that fought in the long-ago Korean war were famous for their ferocity in combat. What I meant is that Erdogan is a dangerous, er, 'ally' and we should be careful!

The Turks are as good as gone already, exercising with the enemy ...

Mutti could switch their Leopard II's off in one fell swoop with a dud firmware upgrade, and a properly equipped YPG could finish them off by proxy with ATGW's like IS did ...

A conflicted exit of Turkey from NATO might oblige the Euros into hurrying up with their EU armed forces. The extra expenditure thereon would keep the Don happy too.

Linearizing the battle lines always makes it easier for Western military "thinkers" and pols to get their heads round things. With Vlad, Dirty Erdy, Assad, and the Mad Mullahs all in the same basket, the "good guy, bad guy" line-up becomes so much easier for them. Easier to sell on the peeps too.

A lot to be said for ditching Dirty Erdy, imho.


Maybe I can get this to take ...

Hmmm. Perhaps I mebbe better try some excising ...

That work?

Oh alright then - Homepage:

Christmas is near y'all and if you're still wondering what to get me ...

And me ...


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