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Tuesday, 17 December 2019


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That is just mean

I keep a stylish but small rack nearby with fishing magazines. I read the articles and never look at the pictures.

Deliberately caused leg strain? The injury lawyers must be rubbing their hands already.

Try crouching David it is an Islamic thing.

I'd be afraid that I might lose concentration and slide forward onto the floor. If there were nothing behind that I could belt myself to, I might try bracing one knee against the toilet roll holder.

Angle the floor down as well. End of.

Just waiting for someone to invent a wedge shaped toilet seat attachment.

Dammit, why can't those 'wimmin' just leave us chaps alone?

Watch out for this one too, chaps, especially over the Yuletide period, #MeToo 'n' all that ...


Quite Loz.

The tale told 'round thise parts is, a fellow had gone to the watering hole the night before and upon waking found hisself waking laid up aside 'a true ugly and stinks' but his real predicament was whether he'd remove his arm from around 'er risking waking her up or, chewing it off at the shoulder to effect escape.

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