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Thursday, 05 December 2019


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Not opening sweetie

David, until the picture opens, here's one cartoon:

Bugger! Ooops, sorry, Miss Red, and everyone but I tried, dammit, I tried!

Excellent, Whiters!

Boys will be boys, JK!

Perhaps David my simply placing the link is insufficiently illustrative of why I thought it appropriate - Yesterday's Judiciary Committee's majority presented three "Constitutional Experts" for the purpose, I suppose, of educating the public on the subject of 'how/why impeachment is enough in the present conditions.' Aware now though not until I've only today learned one of the three was a female I can appreciate how persons may misconstrue my attempt to allude the supportive floor the group sought to stand on.

But alas my thinking now had I gone to the extreme of finding a video featuring among the three one on the ice to have been female I'd opened myself to such an extended accusatory pillorying by such as the likes as Bob to be "anti-[whatever]" that I wished to avoid the risk of giving him anything to occupy his time with.

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