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Saturday, 21 December 2019


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What, you mean Germany's negative bond rates won't comfort the Euros?

The complicated new trade regime would mean full employment for bureaucrats and government workers to manage, inspect and fill out paperwork.

I'm heartened by the fact that all through the first beleaguered weeks of his premiership, he seemed upbeat and determined. Underneath the bluffer's charm, there is steel. I think. I hope.

A hard brexit is required. The EU conspired with the remain mob. The remain mob conspired with EU. I am sure history will produce the collaboration facts between those who would sell out the UK to the hideous EU.

SoD's lucky 7 prescription: -

1. WTO with an offset tariff scheme. Yours truly's idea. The tariff take from imports is placed in a fund and used to pay the tariff of exporters. Exporters fill out a form online, like VAT, and hey presto - the tariff charged by Brussels is credited to their account. Since Blighty imports more than it exports there will be a surplus too. Chuck it at a tax cut.

2. Multi Market. Another of yours truly's. Allow EU standards in Blighty along with Blighty's own. Label and barcode for B2B and consumer information. Keeps local businesses honest behind their protectionist WTO tariff wall facing frictionless competition from EU goods and services.

3. Use feed-in tariffs only for any necessary protectionism, not border tariffs. Fund any protected industries, which will only be national security industries, with a feed-in tariff, not a border tariff. Border is WTO only, no extras. Keeps Blighty in the food and weapons markets without friction at the borders.

4. Loads of Freeports. Ultimately, drop WTO and make the whole of Blighty a Freeport.

5. 10% corp tax.

6. 20% flat rate tax.

7. Don't bother showing up at the trade talks. The choice was always WTO or EU Single Market. Nothing else in between makes sense.



Now the EU Single Market is off the menu, the hardest if Brexits is the only option that's logical. In fairness (to me), I always said that.

Singapore-on-Thames - or Singapore-on-Clyde - you asked for it!

I was hoping for a quiet life, turbulence free glide path from now on into and under the sod. You were having none of it, and the peeps went your way.

So be it then. Let's do it. Let's "Go do, that voodoo, that you do, so well!" ...


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