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Friday, 20 December 2019


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You're coming round, Gaffer.

But I woke last night startled with a thought tinged with that thing called hope, unusual these days I know!

Did Boris drop the tax cuts pledges he made earlier this year just so he could apply them later next year if the EU doesn't play ball with the trade deal?

If he'd dropped taxes during the election there'd be no ammo for the coming battle.

10% corp tax and 20% top rate, anyone?

But where's the moolah gonna come from for Oooop North?

"You voted for Brexit, you Muppets, I'm only doing what you asked! There's enough deficit to chuck at the NHS and one or two other places before the market calls time, but you wanted Brexit means you work like a Chinaman to keep the shopfloors rolling in those satanic mills coz there ain't no money except what you earn in the globalised competitive marketpkace!"

Singapore-on-Thames? Is it Cummins? Is my wildest dream, so unthinkable I backed the safest bet, actually a probable reality?

I know my dream is inevitable - after splurging and broking Blighty a Thatcher would come with no choice but to marketize the state - but could the BoJo / Cummins duo actually be aiming to head it off at the pass by doing it now before disaster forces Blighty's hand?

The Tory's have form on this. Cameron and Osborne were out-and-out Thatcherites as the deficit reduction graph I linked recently shows. Austerity was the truth, "The Big Society" and the "Heir to Blair" - remember those two glorious lies?! There are people who still think that duo were Blairite the deception worked so well!!!

Singapore-on-Thames. By George and all the Saints. I was born in Singapore the son of a corporal.

Will BoJo and Cummins bring me home without my having to leave Blighty?


Well there's an interesting article ...

Blighty's debt 85% of GDP, Singapore 110% of GDP, wtf?!

As the article says, Singapore's state spends nothing. Singapore's state only does investment spending, no consumption spending. Every Singapore state dollar ends up as an asset worth equal to or more than the spend made on it.

How much of Blighty's debt is backed with an asset, I wonder? The salary of Doris the admin clerk at Frimley Park NHS Trust - who sent me back to A&E because I didn't know my case number which I'd never been told and was actually in the middle of her screen when I spun it round and took a look myself? Possibly the most dispensable salary in the history of dispensable saleries, along with how many more billions worth across Blighty's public sector?

Give 'er the Singapore Sling, BoJo and Cummins!


British politics appears locked now in an equilibrium pitching variants of socialism against a new, as yet policy-undefined, blue-collar Toryism.

Classical liberal economics – the premise that a free economy, relatively unhindered by government action, tends to deliver high growth and a fairly efficient distribution of resources – is being squeezed out of political life. As politics realigns along cultural divisions, free-market capitalists find themselves politically homeless.

The long, slow, descent into Marxist collapse begins?

Or does Dominic Cummings have other plans?

The plot sickens.


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