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Thursday, 12 December 2019


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Well done all!

Congratulations David for (finally, though heavily qualified) getting a prediction in the 'correct column' - I had faith hope you'd, eventually, do it.

Congratulations! A splendid outcome.

Short interview

Happy day!

Goodbye to so many enemies of democracy. It's like recovering from many illnesses at once.

The illness begins now, Whyaxye.

A long, slow, debt-fuelled, public-sectorist, decline.


A lingering death by Contism.

CONT, my new Gaffer-swearbox defying acronym: Conservative One Nation Toryism.

What a bunch of conts! Cont, cont, cont!


Congratulations! I seriously did not think you Brits would pull this one off! I am spectacularly pleased for you

Congratulations to "your" side.

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