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Wednesday, 11 December 2019


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The message of Islam is submit or die. The Burmese have got the message.

The assumption that the Rohingya are sweet blameless innocents is of course never questioned.
It seems to me that Muslims upset the Chinese, the Buddhists, the Hindu, The Christians and the Jews. But it’s everyone else’s fault, obviously.

Why is it that Muslims are not happy in any Muslim country and seek refuge in another country and, when given permission to live in that other country, they do their best to turn that country into another version of the sh*thole that they, allegedly, escaped from?
There appears to be no mention of the murder, rapes, or religious persecution of the Burmese people by the Muslim Rohingya. Why is that?

I agree with the general tone of disapproval of Islamic culture but none of that makes mass slaughter acceptable - by anyone - anywhere!

And look who Time magazine Person of the Year is!! Amazing.

The claim of "mass slaughter" is being made by the same people who want to impose Sharia law in a Buddhist country. The Rohingya fled East Pakistan/Bangladesh because they were the wrong flavor of Muslim at the time. Now they've made themselves sufficiently obnoxious that they are no longer welcome in Myanmar. Maybe they do fear "mass slaughter", but if so it will be at the hands of their coreligionists in Myanmar.

Not Myanmar, dammit, Bangladesh.

As soon as I hit Post, I knew I should have hit Preview.

I have every respect for her. The Islamists met their match with the Burmese. Some people realise fanatics are on their doorstep. Unfortunately others who do not react have to face the ongoing terror and the apologists. Reminds me of Corbyn.

Speaking of ongoing terror and apologists...In a few hours Britain will vote. Get out and vote! Vigorously!

Go Boris.

Vote early and vote often

By Jove! He's back - at last! What an advert for Australian internet wizardry! It's only been - what - three months?

G'day, mate, the beers are on you!

Your problem O Duff, is that you are playing cricket and the muslims are playing Buzkashi.

Well! G'day AussieD!

Welcome back AussieD!

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