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Thursday, 12 December 2019


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Most people have a limitless ability for self-deception.

Anyone paying attention already knew it.

I recommend this blog post by a US naval officer deeply involved in Afghanistan for years.
The specifics in the article are all about 2011 & later, but the general comments impugn the whole effort from 2001 onward. Blogger CDR Salamander says he never saw all the lying when he was involved, up through 2009, including in-country as well as at a NATO headquarters and at US Central Command. Lying, if any, would have been on Obama's watch, by the generals Obama picked. If they know the boss wants happy talk, the boss will get happy talk, even if he has to fire all the non-happy-talkers.

The summaries for JK's books sound exactly like the summaries of books about the Vietnam war. Trying to pretend the dishonesty started with Obama is absurd. Try to remember Dick Cheney's and other neocons' shenanigans with the intel that led to the wars, especially in the case of Iraq.

So who Bob is laying whatever blame there is solely on Obama?

I read Commander Salamander's piece when it first posted Doctor Weasel. However (and it's extremely rare that I do so) agree with Bob that, rather than 'Operation Afghanistan' being the purely punitive military action it should have been it morphed as soon as Bremer arrived on-scene.

Hardly any fault of the lower ranking troopers I'd though agree.

JK, asked and answered, thank you.

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