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Friday, 13 December 2019


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I detect a bit of exhaustion wafting from Britain today.

Well said, Duffers. Well said.

Too early for a reassessment of David Cameron?

As I never stop repeating, I do not tell citizens of other countries how they ought to vote. However, I am very happy today for the Cousins. Well done, dear ones! Now, let us hope that good sense also prevails in the USA in November, 2020, and Donald John Trump is re-elected by such a thundering majority, with a solid Republican Congress, that he can do the things he has really wanted to do, mostly dismantling the entrenched bureaucracy that seeks to be our permanent government.

He is already talking about moving some of the departments to the areas that they supervise, like, Department of Energy to Texas, or even PA. (although we get a great deal more energy from oil than from coal.) He also wants to move Agriculture to a farm state. The people who draw enormous salaries to mismanage those economic sectors and sit in comfort, if not luxury, in DC, could bear to get closer to the people whose lives they control.(Or, maybe, seek a career change?)

It's not the Second Coming. However, until then, we could make some improvements.

Excellent post.

Don't worry too much about the Scots. They will realise that going it alone will involve a massive deficit, closure of Faslane, the Euro, big loans from Germany who will want them back on fairly stringent terms, and ongoing social problems hitherto bailed out by England.

And if they do go - if, that is, their hearts rule their heads - then good luck to them. As far as England is concerned, they are a massive cultural asset which we can still enjoy, but they are not much of an economic asset.


I'll attempt a brief assessment of Cameron.

We were indeed lucky to have such a weak, stupid, cowardly stuffed suit as PM. Without his poor judgement and inept bugling, we wouldn't be free from the EU.

Thanks Whyaxye,

Figured it'd have to be somebody such as yourself had to respond to my question - I am correct am I not in my remembering it being Cameron who guaranteed the original referendum in the first place?

Seems to me David you ought lobby Boris to put up a statue to the fellow to stand in some auspicious place - say in the churchyard across from your house?

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