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Sunday, 22 December 2019


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Speaking of "old soldiers", the 96 year old veteran I mentioned before who lives on the street behind me, was just back from a memorial of the 75th anniversary of The Battle of the Bulge which he was in. I heard much more detail than before.

Hope you had a good lunch. Knowing your interest in things military I wondered if you had picked up on this: I found the account in the comments about the provision if water to be absolutely fascinating. Should you be interested in details rather than strategy, might I recommend “Vulcan 607” a book detailing the intricacies of Operation Black Buck. Have a good Christmas

At least he had some live action tales to tell which is more than I have - thank God!

Wiggers, thanks for that and like a lot of people I have very little knowledge of the Argie invasion.

Global Warming Alert!

Grab Spam, all you can carry. And mebbe Glenfiddich.

David, we have in our RAOC/RLC veterans association a man who was a teenager and with an Ordnance Combat Platoon during the Falklands War. He is opening up a bit more recently. He is one of our recently recruited standard bearers. He visits the Falklands every other year for the liberation service and is made most welcome.

Lovely day yesterday - good job I hadn't read this until today, ...

... I would've been grumpius maximus.

Brit GP's paid 50% more than Dutch and Oz GP's, 3x national average salary whereas in Holland and Oz it's 2x. So Blighty's GP public sector nobilty only work part time and retire early.

How to break a market with a state monopoly and make a nation suffer in one easy lesson: the NHS.

I hope Dominic Cummings, the latter day Robespierre as some in the Meeja are calling him (see, I'm not the only one with a penchant for French Revolutionary allusions!) is readying the scaffold!


Evidently the shock waves are lingering in to Monday?


My old Housemaster was a personal friend of Airey Neave.

When the man was murdered in Westminster, the first thought which came to me was 'Does Rex know"?

Rex was on the 'Long March' and I never knew until years afterwards.

The IRA just murdered anyone who had spoken against them or had an opinion. They are fascists and are indulged by the British. The British did not want to annoy the USA with its Irish lobby. Can anyone imagine what the USA would do with any terrorist organisation on its door step.

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