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Tuesday, 03 December 2019


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Shame he didn't check with his Mom!

His shenanigans have had the benefit of giving me an extra hour or so each day as I wizz through the newspaper and skip about half of the “news”.

Andrew is a reminder that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. This entire meme is a reminder of what the powerful can get away with when media and law enforcement cooperate to white wash an event.

The money has run out, so now she and her sleazy dad are out to get more. Where the hell did her dad think she was going all the time? And where did she get all the money she apparently had? He probably pimped her out.

It's "Justice" I suppose. Justice for the Anglosphere now rather than just the #MeToo we've been afflicted 'over here' these past however many months its been (tho' years seems like nowadays) now it's #YouToo! Recall how you've long put it David "What happens here inevitably lands on your shores"?

I reckon David what you've been hit with is the international equivalent of your own Christine Blasey Ford.

I wonder what the media would have said if Randy Andy had decided to become a Muslim and made this woman his sex slave? I can imagine the woke SJW crowd running round in circles. " We musn't upset Islam, yet it's a crime against the #Me too movement. Oh dear. What can we do?"
He was described as sweating heavily. Rumours abounded some years ago that he never lasted long enough to break into a sweat.

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