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Tuesday, 17 December 2019


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I'm hoping that Boris will help our NHS by making doubly sure that any 'unsigned-up' users - those flying in to be ill, then escaping without paying, are charged by their country's foreign aid being slashed.

For the UK tax-payer to send eye-watering sums to despots, liars and national thieves is a disgraceful issue, and it's about time it is stopped!

Back in the day when I was sent to that nunnery in the wilds of Alba, I could not believe that every house had to pay a TV tax. The Yank in me just revolted as my antecedents before me in Boston.
As for my tab with the NHS, my parents waited for years for the bills that were never sent. The US Army would have reimbursed them. But hey! it was free for everyone! So blame the non-payers on the incompetence of the NHS administration.

missed, do you have the address of the nunnery?

Missred hits the nail on the head!

The reason foreigners health-tour the UK is because the NHS is so crap at admin they don't know who's using it. Health-tourists would much rather go to Germany or France - who'd want to wait months for an MRSA ridden hospital and procedure in the system that routinely starved and dehydrated 10k folks to death per annum? But they know the admin and security would prevent them getting served in Germany or France.


The Iron Law of Oligarchy states that bureaucracies are run to benefit their members, the NHS is no exception.

Of course I do, Glesga - I was there for 3 years

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