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Friday, 06 December 2019


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David, I'm guessing all that black leather caught your attention? Back then it had to be black leather because chiffon was already taken.

"given that he would 'swing on both sides of the street' he had plenty of choice."

He looks as if he's just given that Triumph a good seeing-to as well.

Naaaaah, he never, ever learned his lines, and always had a prop board! That's why he hardly ever looked at the person he was 'talking' to!

The sexual appetite was also probably faked, by looking over his shoulder to see what he had to do next!

(Left leg up and over Marlon, that's it, now, move a little, no, not that way, towards the lady, no I said towards, not sideways, oh ferchrissakes just try and do it - oh sod it, I give up...)

I saw him once in a market in Bali, when he was fat and ugly. Not my cup of tea at all.

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