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Thursday, 19 December 2019


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The Dems have Corbynized so slowly most in it don't realize it. They have no direction to go but deeper in. Last night's "impeachment reality tv" show was another snit fit where furious commie libs hurled everything they could think of toward the cameras hoping their home districts might notice. No matter. They still lost the 2016 election. The Dems will be at sunrise today, mentally and emotionally unstable.

Nancy Pelosi may not even send that bucket of vomit called Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. So shameful a bucket it is.

Most of all the Democrats are knowingly deliberately lying. Their supporters know they are lying.

On the subject of ill consideration, David, we don't have any idea how the impeachment or next election will turn out. Another example: Last night at his campaign rally Trump, in one fit of ineffable crassness among many, implied that the late, highly respected Michigan Representative John Dingle had gone to Hell. It was "revenge" for Dingle's wife, who now holds his position, voting to impeach. The "joke" fell flat even among the claque that's always behind him. Michigan is a state that's key to Trump winning a second term. It's a safe bet he did himself no favor. He can't help himself.

What's that Bob about where Dingle now is?

They buried him in Flint?


John Dingle was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with military honors. That's another case of Trump foot-in-mouth disease.

(For Brits: Trump got out of service in Vietnam by paying a doctor to claim he had foot problems. He wasn't the only rich kid to dodge the draft that way, but none of the others are president.)


It's nearly impossible to know what Democrats' supporters know or don't, but news organizations have documented over 15,000 lies that Trump has told so far.

You are avoiding the issue Bob. I reckon if Trump wanted shit on an opponent then there are plenty of friends in the USA to do that without using a Ukrainian lackey.

Would-Be Pols getting deferments wasn't at all a rare thing Bob.

But I suppose a simple "it's complicated" will mostly do.


"Mulvaney said Trump mentioned "in passing" the Democratic National Committee email servers he wants Ukraine to investigate, in connection to the 2016 election. When a reporter told Mulvaney that what he was describing was a "quid pro quo," Mulvaney responded: "We do that all the time with foreign policy ..."

He also added, "Get used to it." Non-partisan members of the diplomatic corps also testified that Trump held up military aid to get dirt on the Bidens. He will use any lackey he can. Btw, the "Crowdstrike" server conspiracy theory is weapons-grade crazy.


Right. And people who weren't pols or rich also found a way out. But in the interest of inclusiveness, I'll see Clinton's complications and raise you GW Bush's:

Bob, you Yanks like to put emphasise on politicians who have served or not and you use it in political campaigns. I have never been interested in such matters. Policy is what matters.


Do you like the presidential policy of using taxpayer money to extort an investigation into a political rival by a foreign power?

Trump has doubled down on it personally:


Seeing as you're raising GW I fold.

Hold on Bob,

Since you dealt (But none of the others are president) I reckon we ain't playing poker we're rather playing Slap Jack.

So rather than folding allow me as saying I tired of this shit.

"Do you like the presidential policy of using taxpayer money" (for whatever sort of [stuff] that sees Iranians or Ukrainians) foreign governments in receipt of same?

May I Glesga?

No Bob I don't like Presidential fingers in the till - The House is bad enough.


Good for you. A lot of Trumpsters defend him no matter what. You're not alone. This was started by genuine conservative Republicans:

"Genuine Republicans"?

George Conway, Reed Galen, Jen Horn, Mike Madrid, Steve Schmidt and Ron Steslow[?!!!,] John Weaver, and Rick Wilson are, according to you Bob, "Genuine Republicans"?

Whatever you're smoking Bob might you mail me some? I've got a thirty day leave and by the time my superiors think I need drug tested surely I can clear whatever it is.


Soooo, Republicans who respect the rule of law aren't real Republicans?

Here's all Bob all y'all.

Er, it's rather CNN except that it's an easy comparison:


Soooo, any news that doesn't express adoration for Trump and right wing causes can't be real then?

Think back to the early 1970's, before the great conservative backlash. Do you remember radical chic? That was when liberals really blew it. They started inviting Weather Underground and Black Panther members into the fold. The general public was not amused.

Your leaders are doing the mirror image now; coddling extreme nationalist movements and conspiracy mongers who pretend to be "news". Republicans are also harboring some straight-ahead dangerous loons:

There are signs another backlash is beginning:


Well, if that's a yawn maybe this will get you wondering:

You may've done better Bob had your link avoided mention of the SPLC.

So yeah Bob you got me wondering ... about you.

Franklin Graham isn't exactly a non-biased source and the SPLC has always been controversial, especially on the political right, for fairly obvious reasons. Corbyn can be (deservedly) condemned for bigotry on this blog, but all of Trump's men get excuses or deflection. Why do you suppose that is?

David and JK,

Now Jewish Democratic Congressmen are getting in on the action:

There's been a significant uptick in religious and ethnic violence in the US largely attributable to Trump's rhetoric.

Over here it's Republicans who share some of Corbyn's problems. Even so, Trump could still win. The economy is doing well, which is usually the main determinant in a president getting a second term. It's doing a lot better for some than others, but that argument rarely gains traction. And Republicans still have structural advantages in the Senate and Electoral College.

Two wild cards are impeachment and Trump's personality. No one knows how impeachment is going to turn out regardless of any claims. And Trump is personally obnoxious, amoral and lawless, which is creating divides among groups of Republicans, energizing Democrats, and muddying Republicans' message. Anyone who makes a prediction at this point is whistling in the dark.

None is so blind as he who will not see:

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