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Friday, 27 December 2019


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Standing for a seat in the European Parliament is like buying one of those bargain vehicles you used to flog, DD. One month's tax, MOT overdue, and will need scrapping before the end of the year.


Fuckwit Adonis is long past his sale date

Never been elected to any public position. Got a big leg up from his "chum" Bliar into the HoL. Came (finally- wot a surprise - ) out of the closet this year & now is looking to obtain a Cypriot Passport (*)

(*) These events may/may not be connected.

Nevertheless he's still a dick.

David, after all the struggle since 1973 to get us out of the EU/EEC it must now be time to turn on Lords breakfast club.

Lord A's statement is aromatic.

And the poison dwarf is still a mister! Excellent.

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