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Sunday, 01 December 2019


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Woke scolds have even taken the comedy out of comedy. Someday there will be a backlash.

John Thompson's "Bernard Righton" from The Fast Show has shown where so called comedy is heading. Although initially a parody of Bernard Mannng's unPC repertoire, the writers seem to have a taste of what the future holds.
"Take my mother in law. What can I tell you about her? She's really a lovely lady and does a brilliant Sunday dinner."
Coming to a comedy store near you. Don't laugh (don't worry, you won't).

Time to revive Jim Davidson’s Sinderella. Good to see snowflakes meltdown.

...dead rats, and tattoos, and glittery bling...

Just the sort of role model for an idiot, brainless boy-racer.

Where's Archie Scott-Brown when you need him?

In lieu of our funnies.

those are good!

"Well, makes a change from charging German panzers on horseback armed with a lance!"

Entirely nonsense as you should know if you read the speccy book review of First To Fight by Roger Moorhouse - in the same issue.

Apparently this was made up by Goebbels to make the Polish look stupid. The British believed it because it made the Poles look plucky.

If it's any consolation I believed the same thing a month ago! :-)

David I'm guessing that's surely not the way you did it too?

TDK, yes, you are right but sometimes metaphors show a truth!

JK, where-ever did you find that one? And no, I never tried that way!

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